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FireTV - Digital (DVB-S) TV receiver

The FireTV is a Digital Video Broadcast receiver that is connected to the host computer across the IEEE 1394 bus. The FireTV accepts the digital television broadcast signals from the satellite defined by the DVB specification. The source signal of the FireTV is directly from the parabola aerial without the need of additional hardware device (set-top box). The digital video can be processed (including still picture capture, demultiplexing, decoding and rendering of the MPEG-2 transport stream and teletext viewing) on the host computer easily by way of FireTV's advanced design and high transmission capability.

Required Components

  • Satellite dish and LNB(s)

  • Satellite cable with F-connector

  • FireTV hardware

  • 1394 (FireWire) cable

  • Desktop PC or notebook
    - Windows XP 
    - 1394 host adapter (PCI, PCMCIA card or integrated on mainboard)
    - TV viewer software (included in package)

  • External power adapter when using FireTV with a notebook


  • Digital satellite TV/Radio receiver (free-to-air channels)

  • User-friendly interface

  • Automatic scanning for available channels

  • Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)

  • Still picture capture

  • Program recording onto hard disk in MPEG-2 format

  • Scheduled recording

  • Timeshifting (simultanous recording and viewing of a channel with time difference)

  • Teletext

  • Remote control support

  • Multiple FireTV boxes can be used from one PC (for managing local 1394 TV network)


Rear View

Front View

Side View

The FireTV receiver box
You can see on the left the rear, front and side views of the device. If you move your mouse onto the connectors and LEDs this text will disappear and the description of the element you highlighted will appear.
A perspective view of the box can be viewed on the overview page.


TV viewer and Radio listener application

The FireTV application has two windows, the main TV screen, and the control panel.
The main TV screen can be maximized to full screen and resized to any size you want. Initially the application starts with the native size of the TV broadcast.
The control panel is skinned, so it is possible to create additional skins for it.

FireData Software

High-speed internet access through the satellite

FireData is a complementary application to FireTV for high speed satellite internet connection. Internet access with FireTV board is download only, so you still have to have a regular internet connection (eg. through a phone line) to send requests to your satellite Internet Service Provider (ISP) (eg. Europe Online – You cannot watch TV while using FireData (with the same board), since FireData tunes to a certain transponder to receive data stream and watching TV would require to tune to another. It is though possible to use two boards plugged on the 1394 cable, and to use one for watching TV and the other to receive internet data stream at the same time.

In addition to FireData and your browsing application your satellite ISP may provide additional tools you have to configure correctly in order to use the satellite connection.

  • Devices group
    In the devices popup you can choose among the tuner devices on your system. Choose your FireTV board if necessary. If you plug in your board after starting FireData press Refresh and your device should appear in the popup.

  • Connections popup
    You have to create at least one connection in order to use FireData. Note that these are not Windows network connections. To create a new connection press Add..., to edit an existing connection press Edit..., to remove a connection press Delete... button. When a connection is selected FireData automatically tunes to the appropriate transponder.

  • Multicast addresses group
    Multicast addresses is an informative list about your connection to the system. You don't have to care about it if you do not know the meaning of these data.

  • Options... button
    Options... button is the same as in FireTV application. Here you can adjust your lnb and diseq settings. If you have already configured these settings in FireTV there is no need to modify it in FireData.

  • Minimize to System Tray
    While using FireData it may be practical to minimize it to the system tray. FireData will be still running, but won't bother you on the screen.



AV/C Tuner Device


DVB-S signal from parabola antenna


Two IEEE 1394 6-pin flat connector

Transfer Rate

400 Mbps data transfer rate on IEEE 1394 bus

Symbol Rate

1 Mbaud-45 Mbaud

RF input impedance

75 Ohm



FEC method

Viterbi, Reed-Solomon

Puncture rate

1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8

Power Supply

Works with 12V external power or powered by the IEEE 1394 bus

LNB and Antenna Control

Antenna and LNB control: 22 KHz tone burst
LNB supply voltage: 13 or 18 V


DiseqC Compatible, DiseqC 1.0, 1.1 and SMATV

Other Features

Real-time MPEG2 software decoding
Digital broadcast recording in MPEG-2 format onto the hard disk
Still picture capture
Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)
Receiving the MPE data for further process
High speed internet access through the satellite
Remote control support through serial infra remote (not IrDA)

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